Value of the parent plant nursery and its role in the project

In the parent plant nursery of traditional and protected plants we will cultivate species which are characteristic of the rural area of northwest Croatia, and which are rare in dendrological nurseries. We will procure parent plants which we will use to grow new plant material in different ways of vegetative propagation (cuttings, grafting, division), and thus provide seedlings of traditional plants to agritourism farms.

The nursery will contain our most common species (trees and shrubs), the most common fruit species of northwest Croatia, the traditional flowers for the flowerbeds on agritourism farms as well as the protected species in order to educate tourists to recognize them and preserve their habitats in nature.
In order to achieve visibility of plants in the nursery, the nursery will have paved paths and sample beds that will contain the propagated plants and larger cultivation surfaces on which they will grow.
The aim of this activity is to develop awareness of the importance of biodiversity and proper use of traditional herbs in agritourism.
Namely, in the nursery the students will acquire knowledge and practical skills on the cultivation of traditional plants and their application in the horticultural shaping of agritourism farms and preparation of traditional food and drinks. At the same time the students will learn about the protected plant species and cultivation methods so they will be able to preserve them in nature.
All plant species will be marked with a label that will contain national and scientific / Latin / name of the plant, the origin, distribution and economic characteristics of the plant.
The plant material will be distributed to the agricultural schools in Croatia, the agritourism farms across the country, and to all lovers of the biological diversity of the Croatian flora.
So the nursery will have its purpose after the completion of this project, which proves that the sustainability of this project will continue.


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